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Monthly Archives: December 2009

WOD 12/30/09


Shirley, finding a smart way to rest during her WOD today. She Rx this WOD without putting the bar down until a round was completely done each time!

Smart girl, no extra rounds needed.


200 meter run

Jump Rope

5 x 2 minutes


4 Rounds for time:

9 Back Squat

9 Overhead Squat

9 Front Squat

9 Shoulder Press

9 Push Press

9 Push Jerk

9 Deadlift

9 Snatch

9 Squat Cleans

Rx Male 65 lbs-Female 45 lbs

The bar must not touch the ground until the round is complete. Dropping the bar or touching the ground eliminates that round. Must start exercises again at the beginning of the round.

So figure out the way to rest, so you don’t have to do extra rounds!

Complements to BGI South for the WOD, we just made it a bit tougher with the no touch rule!

WOD 12/28/09


Building “Monsters” at  CrossFit  ATP!


400 meter run

Skill work-HSPU


Four rounds for time of:

21 SDHL 95lb/65lb

21 Pushups

21 Box Jumps

21 KB Swings

21 KTE

WOD 12/26/09 “Nancy”


elaine before



broward cup team pic

Do you think Kettlebells and CrossFit work?

 You tell me if it has for Elaine!



3 sets x 15 reps of:


Sit ups

OHS from snatch ( work on strict form!) bar only



Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

Rest Day! “Merry Christmas” 12/25/09

christine bellagio



Christine and I would like to wish our family, friends and clients a Merry Christmas. Thank  you all for a great year at ATP. It would not be possible ,without your support!

WOD 12/23/09 “Fran”

christmas pukie



Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95-65  Thruster

WOD 12/21/09 “Angie”


This is a great picture of what “Team Work” is all about!



Kipping  pullups



For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

WOD 12/19/09 Broward County Affiliate Cup

Today we will be at CrossFit Affliction ( for the Broward County  Affiliate Cup. I would like to thank all our clients that are coming out to support us and compete. This is going to be a great event to help us keep on promoting our box. You guys really are the best!

There will be 5 local CrossFit Gyms competing in a fun and challenging day of  WODs which will be pulled from a hopper.  Check in time will be 8am till 10am.  A FREE Group Workout for anyone wishing to come out and try a CrossFit Workout will begin at 9am Sharp.  The competition itself will begin at approx 10:3o am.  Spectators are encouraged to come out and watch this new sport they call CrossFit.  Its addictive fitness for ALL levels of athlete.

WOD 12/18/09


This picture was taken by my client Fred in Chile near an active volcano.


Joint mobility exercises


4 sets of 10 reps of:

400 meter run


Push press



400 meter run

We worked on all barbell technique work today, nice and easy workout. We will be going to CrossFit Affliction for the Broward Affiliate Cup Challenge tomorrow. This is going to be a great event check the link for more info:

Everyone is welcomed to this Free event!

WOD 12/16/09

wod pic


KB goblet squats

Strict pushups

4 x 10 reps each


AMRAP 35 min

Clean/squat-15reps. 115/95m 65/55w
KB snatch-15reps r/l 16kg/12kg
Sledge hammer from knees-15reps r/l
HSPU/Inverted pushups- 10/15
200 meter run

WOD 12/14/09

photo 3photo 2photo

Mary crushing the tire flip today in the WOD !


OHS with PVC  3 x 15 reps

Jumping jacks  3 x 15 reps


Four rounds for time

Tire flips 12

OHS 20 reps –  M 95 lb / W 55,65 lb

Wall ball –  20 reps  M 20/W14

Walk out pushups – 15 reps

V situps – 20 reps

Sprints x 2