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WOD 05/26/10

CrossFit ATP Tuesday Night Kettlebell Class!!


Four rounds of:

Air squats-10 reps

Mountain climbers-10 reps

Butterfly situps-10 reps



Complete three rounds for time of:
Squat clean-30 reps  M95/F65
Pull-ups-30 reps
Run 800 meters

2 Responses to WOD 05/26/10

  • Jean Corriveau says:

    Hy , I back to work and the temperature is 31 to 34 degre C means between 88 – 92 F. It s Hot and a nice come back. at home. I,M sorry I could ‘n joint you at your party on the 21 st . I was packing to leave on the saturday and clean the condo. I was very busy. Also I could not go to your GYM on the last thursday and friday I decided to rest before to leave. But I have to admit that I improve my shape and lost some fat. I enjoy this kind of training and I will try ot pratice it by myself

    If I have any questions may I send you an E-MAIL.

    I hope to go back at the fall for 3 weeks . Hope to see you but sure I’ll go and see you and train if I go .

    that again Juan and good luck in your business

  • Sammy says:

    That WOD should not be called the Badger. It should be called the “ASS KICKER”!