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Kettlebells are a cast iron “Ball” with a handle, like a cannon ball. The unique handle allows for an offset weight, which creates maximum load through a greater range of motion. This leads to greater stability and mobility as well as strength for the upper body.The ability to have greater range of motion also allows for the dynamic and ballistic type movements unique to kettlebells, as in the swing and snatch. This all translates into power, strength and cardiovascular endurance all in one exercise. The end result is a strong health back, resilient shoulders, powerful hips and outstanding grip strength.Russian Kettlebells originates back to the early 1700′s. In 1998 Pavel Tsalsouline published an article introducing Kettlebells to the US. By 2001, Pavel wrote the very first book on Kettlebells. The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, published by Dragon Door Publications.Hard Style Kettlebell training believes that strength is a skill, something that should be practiced.
One of the fundamental principals of Hard Style strength is “maximum tension on grinding lifts and maximum acceleration in dynamic lifts”. Tension equals force and creating maximum muscle tension creates greater strength. We also teach “linkage”, which is a technique that keeps the spine safe for heavy lifts and makes you stronger by focusing all your strength to the lift. The opposite of linkage is leakage; the best analogy of leakage is having a hole in your garden hose, the loss in water pressure leads to a “weak” spray.Hard Style also teaches you how to move from high tension to relaxation, or “Tense and Loose”, much like a martial artist moves. In order to throw a hard fast punch you must be as relaxed as possible immediately after and before a punch.Lastly, we teach biomechanical breathing. Instead of anatomical breathing which matches the breath with the movement of extension or flexion, biomechanical breathing matches the breath with force phase of movement. The end result is a safer stronger lift, or a more powerful hip drive for a heavy swing or snatch.


Crossfit ATP members and non members are required to attend our three hour Level-1 Kettlebell Workshop  or purchased private sessions with ATP’s- KB Certified Instructors to  participate in the kettlebell classes and perform the  kettlebell movements in the CrossFit WOD.

$25.00- Drop In Fee (Kettlebell Experience Only)
Kettlebell Classes: Tuesday and Thursday at  6:00am, 9:00am and 6:00pm-Saturday at 10am.

The fundamental movements in kettlebell training are instructed in detail on proper technique and safety. All ages, levels of fitness and non-CrossFit ATP members are welcome to attend. Kettlebells are great to incorporate into your existing workout regimen or sport specific program. Training with kettlebells you can acquire lean muscle, lose body fat, gain endurance, flexibility, rehabilitate injuries and enhance cardiovascular conditioning.

The following movements are instructed:

Deadlift, Swing (variations),Turkish Get-Up, Clean, Press, Snatch and Squat
Level-1 Kettlebell Workshop : 9:00am- 12:00pm —————————————$100.00

Requirements: Attended a Level-1 Kettlebell Workshop and passing a Level-1  Skills Test / Snatch Test.
The following movements are instructed:

Viking Push Press, Clean & Jerk, Windmill, Tactical Pullup, Double Snatches, Side Press and Pistol

Level-2 Kettlebell Workshop Price:——————————————————– $100.00 (3 hours)

Juan Bacca: (954) 336-4302
Please contact us to schedule an appointment for private sessions and training fees.